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untitledThe 2016 Skin Health Australia Report Card – the 2016 SHARC Report – was commissioned by the Skin &
Cancer Foundation Inc (the Foundation), a Melbourne-based, not-for-profit organisation that provides specialist clinical treatment, education and research for a wide variety of skin diseases, skin cancer and melanoma.

I’ve had the privilege of writing the past two reports through Etched Communications, based on a national population survey that tracks attitudinal and behavioural changes related to the skin health of the Australian population.

This report was particularly interesting since we could start to identify trends after three years of the survey. There was also a focus on psoriasis, which needs more attention and awareness.

The writing of the report required some solid attention and many reviews. Working with the kind of survey data involved brings up some issues I don’t usually deal with in my writing projects, and the report needed extra care to ensure that the data is interpreted and reported on correctly.

But it’s a really valuable report in a nation where skin health issues are particularly important. I encourage you to download the report from this page, and have a read!

So, what do you think ?