Brochures? Promotional Materials? Company profile?

When was the last time you updated your website?Who wrote it and does it represent your business right now?

Your website is your public face to the world. Yet so many of them are inadequate. The language is unpersuasive and not focused on your audience. There are mistakes in grammar, spelling and formatting. The site and sections are not structured properly to reflect your business, nor to sell it. If your website is in need of a refresh, a rewrite or is yet to be written, I can help.

More generally, anything that you communicate to the world with words, I can make better. I’ve written and edited customer service letters, contest entries, promotional emails, brochures, and company profiles. I’ve written blog posts for a furniture company and one that sells carpets. I’ve done product packaging, a trade show brochure, portfolios and annual reports.My philosophy is that writing needs to speak to your audience clearly and convincingly, matched with your tone of voice and personality, and reflecting your communication and goals.

What can I do for you today? Let’s talk.

Examples of my copywriting include:

Drop me a line if you’d like me to provide you with a summary of my copywriting services, a more detailed C.V. that shows the kind of work I’ve written, samples of work and a guide to prices.