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In 2013, I was appointed as one of five members of the City of Sydney Professional Writing Panel. It was a tough and long process to be accepted. We were chosen from 37 applicants.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of editing media releases about e-waste, food trucks and the Chinese New Year’s celebration; internal newsletters, and plans for parklands, community gardens and curb-side gardens. I’ve provided editing and proofreading for policy documents on waste management, the promotion of live music and performance and disability.


I love it. I love my adopted city of Sydney. From bike lanes to food trucks to encouraging a more environmentally healthy city, I also like the way that it’s managed and lead, so not only do I get a confidential preview of what’s going on, I get to contribute my editing skills to projects and politics that I really support.

On ya, Sydney.

So, what do you think ?