From major consultancy reports to marketing collateral, from books of fiction and poetry to websites and emails, my work as an editor is to make your words persuasive, clear and error-free. There are many situations requiring good editing:

  1. After working so intensely on your document, you need a second pair of eyes to catch mistakes you just can’t see anymore.
  2. You’re a great communicator, but not a great writer.
  3. Multiple people have worked on the document and it needs consistency of voice.

These are only a few reasons why you might like me to make your words better. Among the services I provide are:

  1. Rewriting and editing to emphasize key arguments and selling points
  2. Ensuring that the document’s structure and order are logical and make the strongest arguments
  3. Rewriting with an emphasis on clarity, persuasion and the elimination of unnecessary repetition and wordiness
  4. Translating jargon or technical language to plain English
  5. Ensuring consistency of tone, language and Australian spelling
  6. Correcting punctuation, formatting and grammar; correcting diagrams and references; proofreading, spell checking and fact checking.

I worked to tight timeframes, in some cases, working over the weekend or 12-hour days. I recognise your need for a speedy service so you can hit your deadlines.

Drop me a line if you’d like me to provide you with a summary of my editing services, a more detailed C.V. that shows the kind of work I’ve edited, a sample of report editing ‘before and after’ and a price guide.