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It’s one of my great pleasures as an editor that I get to learn about new areas of work and expertise. I’ve written before about how much I enjoy being on the City of Sydney’s writer’s panel, and through editing various reports for them, I’ve expanded my knowledge on issues as diverse as climate change, building codes, recycling and city planning.

Internships and work experience guideEarly on in my writing for the City (which helped me get onto the panel), I did some editing for the Social Planning and Community Development team. I think internships are a great opportunity for young people, though to be effective they have to be managed properly. And I really appreciated being able to expand my knowledge on issues of inclusion, and learning about the challenges that people with disabilities face in the workplace.

Communicating with people with disability guideThe other thing that I’ve learned as an editor is that it is my strength rather than a weakness to not be an expert in the area of the reports. I act as a second pair of eyes, but also as a first audience. Reports that are in the public domain need to be clearly and easily understood by readers who are not experts, so it’s my responsibility to point out to the writers of reports when jargon or concepts are being used which would be unfamiliar to the general reader.

What’s the use of a report if people can’t understand what it’s saying?

If you’ve got reports, no matter what the topic, and you think they’d be improved by a conscientious and eagle-eyed editor, get in touch! I always enjoy working with new clients… and as I said, learning about new areas.

So, what do you think ?