Bids and tenders are a big deal. If you’re going after a new contract, you want to give yourself the best chance of a positive outcome. Quality editing will improve the quality of the writing of your tenders, raising the chances of a successful bid.

You may have all the professional and technical skills to do the work outlined in the tender, but need support with writing for the bid. You may also need an advantage over your competitors. If your bids or reports are nearly equal, better writing may give you the win. Raise the bar!

With experience in grant-making and the world of non-profits, I know my way around tenders and bids: the need to follow the request for interest/quotation to the letter; the value of persuasive language and a clear presentation of your offering; and a bottom line of a mistake-free presentation to not detract from your selling points. I’ve edited tenders for contracts from thousands of dollars to a few million dollars for organisations that work in health, construction, marketing, human resources, and professional services.

Give yourself a better chance at winning.