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All the way back in 2013, I featured Chris Dale from Marketing HQ in a guest post on this website, and he did the same for me.

I obviously need to be better at cross-marketing, since I never actually posted a link to my post here.

But better late than never.

There’s nothing that’s gone out of date about:

Three ways good writing helps your marketing

‘Good writing is a hidden part of marketing. You don’t notice it when it’s there, but you will notice it when it’s absent.

Knowing how to write well and how to structure a document are particular skills that not everyone has. You may know your business but not be able to write about it. Advertising copywriters are sometimes great at key ideas and messages but not the final touches. Marketers may understand their client and target audience but may need support for writing documents or letters.’

Visit Marketing HQ‘s website for the rest of the article…

So, what do you think ?